Subsidized Training

Subsidized Training

“If you put fences around people, you get sheep” (William L. McNight -1924)

Lbdi Training delivers indoor and outdoor training courses, based on experiential learning, which is the process of learning through experience.
Every Company for us is different, that’s why we personalise each training course. This way our courses allow people to grasp their potential, facilitating long-term effective results.

Lbdi Training is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, in the EA37 sector, and it develops projects for all Inter-professional Funds.

In collaboration with a trusted Partner, our agency offers a complete consultancy service, which provides valid support throughout all the phases of the activation of the subsidy: from the development of the training project to the funds request presentation, to the accounting report.

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Areas of Expertise

According to Lbdi Training, developing training courses means creating personalized and experiential courses on systemic thinking, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Gestalt psychology, transactional analysis, empowerment and theories of organization.

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Trainers References

Our pool of senior experienced trainers to improve your human resources skills of Management, Sales and Communication for a more effective organization.
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PR Network

Lbdi is the italian partner of Eurocom Worldwide, the third world Network of independent, privately owned Public Relations and Marketing Agencies.

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Planning and providing communication and
marketing services in Italy and abroad and training activities.

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